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0000735VCMIMechanics - Town structurespublic2011-05-29 13:572011-05-29 13:58
0000735: H3 issue: Mana Vortex didn't act according to its description in H3 > How should VCMI handle it?
H3 object description: "The Mana Vortex temporary doubles spell points for ANY garrison or visiting hero"

H3 actual behavior: "temporary doubles spell points once a week, to the first hero who enters in contact with it in that week (visiting or garrison, visiting having priority if both are in town when built or if we enter town screen for the first time in a new week)"

Suggestion 1:
Change object description to something like "The Mana Vortex temporary doubles spell points once a week"

Suggestion 2:
Have both behaviours implemented (with H3 one and Suggestion 1 message as default), and ability to select the alternative behaviour (as in H3 description) from the "VCMI Tweaks" screen (should such interface be coded one day).
No-harm enhancement
related to 0000275closed Ivan Mana Vortex acts differently than in H3 (though neither H3 acted according to its description) 
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