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0000688VCMIGUI - Battlespublic2011-03-02 22:252013-07-15 08:53
0000688: The shaded hex(es) of the enemy target creatures should get un-shaded the moment our creature makes its move
0000053 was fixed correctly in terms of which hexes should be shaded and how:
- single shade for all hexes in our creature's walking range
- single shade for all enemy creatures outside of our creature's walking range, if our creature is a shooter with remaining shots
- double shade if the shade following our mouse pointer overlaps the shaded hexes mentioned above.

However it seems to have introduced a new (pretty insignificant) bug: after we click on an enemy creature to attack it, a single shade remains in that hex during and also after our creature makes its move (moment when it disappears it's hard to pin-point, but definitely later than in H3).

In H3 all shades disappear the moment we give the click-command to our creature to walk/shoot/wait/etc, and when our creature completes its action, the grid gets shaded again according to the next creature (if our turn) and positioning of the mouse pointer.
In VCMI, the shade also remain hanging in a hex even at the end of the battle when the enemy creature moved from that hex to attack us, and was killed in retaliation (the example in screenshot > you can reproduce by playing the battle described in 0000684).
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related to 0000053closed Tow dragon Enemy creatures should have their hex shaded if they are within the attack range of the active creature (melee+range) 
jpg 2011-03-02_TargetHexHangs.jpg (21,747) 2011-03-02 22:25
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2012-03-01 15:57   
Also while fixing this please implement feature known from h4/h5:
if we cursor-shade an enemy which is out of our meelee range (and perhaps when we are the shooter)
the shaded hexes could indicate enemy walk range instead of ours.
(Many times in h3 i counted the hexes to just know if i will be in the attack range if i move my creature to particular hex)
2013-07-15 08:24   
^ The request above is already implemented.

So far I noticed that clicked hex remains highlighted also on free tile during creature movement. More precisely, it does not dissapear when creature starts movement.
2013-07-15 08:53   
Fixed in r3446.