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0000685VCMIGUI - Battlespublic2011-03-01 20:522017-06-14 08:22
0000685: Battle Log: Dread Knight referred to as "Creature" when casting (possibly valid for all casting creatures)
See screenshot attached to 0000684. When attacking/attacked (or any other action except cast), it is referred to as "Dread Knight" in the log, however when it casts Curse, it is referred to as "Creature".

Not a biggie, even if it's never fixed (hence the low priority). What's more important though, in case it is fixed, is to take care the new message will be correct according to the number of creatures in stack, i.e.: "Dread Knight casts" and "Dread Knights cast".
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Has been already implemented in one of spells refactoring branches