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0000618VCMIMechanics - Otherpublic2010-08-28 15:462023-09-17 12:53
0000618: Single/Multi-player save/load logic & format differs from H3
I'm not sure if this is intended as "enhancement" or coded temporarily as such, but we have the following differences:

In VCMI: SP/MP save separately. If we go to the SP Load menu we have only games saved in SP. If we go the the MP Load menu, we have the list with the games saved in MP.

In OH3: I don't think they made any difference in the saved file, whether it was from SP or MP. If we go to the SP Load menu, we get the list of all saved games, so one could load in SP a game saved in MP. If we go the MP Load menu, then we actually fist get the same choice window we get in the MP New Game menu, where we select the type of MP (HotSeat, etc). After we make the choice, we get the list of all saved games, so also those saved in SP.

I think the OH3 take is more flexible and useful.
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