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0000612VCMIOtherpublic2010-08-20 10:292015-02-08 10:22
0000612: VCMI could remember last sorting in scenario/custom campaign/generated map list
Admittedly OH3 doesn't do that but it would be nice if VCMI does.
I've noticed that OH3 and VCMI always sort maps by their versions.

Here's the proof: Run e.g. single player mode, sort map list by name in ascending/descending order. Then go out from the mode and choose it again
(Of course, needless to add that the same thing is with restarting VCMI).

Imho VCMI should remember the last chosen sort type. It should also remember if it's ascending or descending order.

I always sort each list by map name (ascending) and changing the sorting every time when I want to play VCMI is a bit frustrating for me.

Greetings and sorry for my english if it's bad.
No-harm enhancement
related to 0001222assigned Tow Request for QuickSave/Load and/or Sort-by-Date functionalities 
related to 0000716assigned Dydzio Last started/saved game not remembered (+ enhancement suggestions) 
related to 0000921closed Tow Sorting game by scenario name in load game menu does not work 
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