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0000611VCMIGUI - PreGamepublic2010-08-13 04:262024-01-20 06:38
0000611: Some MP issues
not a bug, but it is possible to start MP-game with only 1 player,
here is also 1 feature - enter/return button in "enter payers names" window in OH3 just goes to next line, in VCMI - applies a window (the V/ok button is pressed)
and here 1 more issue - maps are not filtered according to players quantity
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2010-08-13 04:28   
pls note ))) that all that my 599-611 issues are made just yesterday for an hour or two of testing, but i hadn't enough time for reporting them all so much were to write


2010-08-13 15:54   
that's good! I hope you will not stop only on that. Keep it doing. Here are not many testers and every tester do it in other way. So the more testers the more bugs/crashes can be found out.
Now is also holiday period so we cannot test VCMI as often as we want. I go on my vacation, too.

2024-01-20 06:38   
Hello, a lot of time has passed since those days. This is a necropost, but suddenly you see a message in the mail. Now you can start not only a game with one player, but even play with simultaneous turns. If you want to try it and find bugs, please report them here [^]