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0000609VCMIMechanics - Otherpublic2010-08-13 04:222023-11-28 14:02
0000609: Boragus army in Unica map (see issue [^] [ [^]]) was : pikeman and archers
i knew that it is so in hotraits.txt written, but in VCMI it should be checked and fixed i think internally, due to a reason : in OH3 even if you change in hotraits that, i.e. Ufretin should have 12-24 centaurs and 3-5 dwarves and 3-5 dwarves , he WOULD have 12-24 dwarves... and + (3-5) and + (3-5) if all stacks are present... so as in hotraits written "type (referrence only" this table affects i think only qnt of creatures, but all types of creatures for heroes startarmies are stored in h3.exe so i think boragus has in OH3 in hotraits written pikeman and archers and griffins but in h3.exe is written goblins and volves and orcs

so pls decide what to do - to have all startarmy settings loaded from oh3 hotraits or from exe...
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