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0000059VCMIGUI - Battlespublic2009-10-03 15:242022-12-17 17:21
Tow dragon 
0000059: Luck (Fortune) animation is shown too fast and positioned too low
0.72c#3 [EDITED] Luck animation is shown for too short time. Seems even faster than how the 'fast' animation should display it. Setting battle animation to 'slow' or 'medium' also doesn't decrease its speed.

Luck animation is also positioned too low. It should be a few pixels higher, somewhere above the head of the creature. Now it's somewhere above the belly/torso.

Morale (Mirth) animation is also too fast. Positioning seems to be better though (see also 0000045).
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related to 0000045closed Tow dragon Morale (Mirth) animation shown on wrong place (0.72#10) 
related to 0001214closed AVS Spell Slow's animation appears over the creature's torso, instead of under their feet. 
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