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0000587VCMIMechanics - Objectspublic2010-08-01 17:422014-12-25 15:58
0000587: Artifact Merchants: Missing buttons + interface issues
First, have a look at 0000564 & 0000562 for similar interface issues:
- It's still called Marketplace
- Trader info box ("Please inspect our fine ware...." default, or custom if we select an artifact)
- Subtitles alignment, missing tooltips
- Yellow frames for selected res/artifact

What I noticed on top of the above is that we are missing the buttons:
- Sell artifacts
- Give resources to another player
- Trade resources

We do however have these buttons in the Marketplace window, but placed a bit different as compared to H3.
Once most of these bugs are fixed, we should run more checks in parallel between H3 in VCMI in all 6 screens (Buy/Send resources, Buy/Sell artifacts, Sacrifice artifacts/creatures) for both in-town and on-map objects, to identify all discrepancies (if I'm available when the bugs are be fixed, I can run the tests myself).
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related to 0000558assigned Chocimier Altar of Sacrifice: Mechanics + GUI issues 
related to 0000562new  Marketplace - the yellow frames for selected resources are thinner than in H3 and not well centered around the resource box 
related to 0000564closed Tow Black Market bugs & missing features 
related to 0000588closed Tow Artifact Merchants: Behavior when no hero in town 
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2010-10-31 19:29   
Title, buttons and trader textbox issues are fixed.
2014-12-25 15:58   
So in 0.97 / current git only missing bits are:

  - Selection boxes only cover artifact itself.
  - No subtitles when you hover artifacts and resources.