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0000558VCMIMechanics - Objectspublic2010-07-28 00:252017-07-27 05:01
AMD 5600+WindowsXP SP3
0000558: Altar of Sacrifice: Mechanics + GUI issues
1. (BUG) The "Place all artifacts in backpack on altar" and "Place all artifact in backpack on the altar" buttons remove all artifacts in backpack / on hero, even if these are more than the 22 available slots. The experience seems to be calculated for all artifacts removed, but it shouldn't work like this.

H3 allowed us to move only 22 artifact on the altar and that was as much as one could sacrifice in one go. Well, not exactly... To be more accurate, there was a way to sacrifice 23: having 22 in the slots and click-select a 23rd (see next item). We didn't have to leave the Altar window of course, but while in there, we could only sacrifice in batches of maximum 22(/23) artifacts.

2. (MISSING FEATURE) In H3, selecting an artifact was already enabling the "Sacrifice artifacts currently on the altar" button. As clicking on an artifact in the interface makes it become one with the cursor, we could then just click with it the "Sacrifice..." button, without having to place it first in one of the 22 slots. If all 22 slots were full, that meant 23 artifacts were sacrificed if we clicked the "Sacrifice..." button with a 23rd selected (the artifact being placed in what we could call the 23rd, or if you want - the 1st artifact slot, the one just above the "Sacrifice..." button).

3. (BUG) If we had only a couple of artifacts in backpack, after we sacrifice them, they still show for a fraction of a second in their backpack slots, but then disappear (or they show back while we get the level up windows, but then disappear). If we had more artifacts in backpack (especially more than the visible slots), after the sacrifice they show up there again, but only as ghost replicas. We can scroll through them and if we select any of them, the destination slots get highlighted (though we cannot put them on the dummy).

4. (BUG) Selecting one of these ghost replicas, does allow us though to place it (multiple times) in the sacrificial slots as seen in the screenshot, though we cannot really use it to get the experience (see also the System message in the Console behind).

5. (BUG) The 5th MISC slot introduced in SoD is not visible in the Altar interface (though the artifact in it is, and can be used for sacrifice - see screenshot again)

6. (MISSING BUTTON) Sacrifice Creatures - which should be grayed out for Good alignments.

7. (MISSING FEATURE) Also the subtitle of the empty slot above the Sacrifice button should read "Place artifact to sacrifice here" when it's empty, just like the other 22.

8. (MISSING FEATURE) Although in H3 the empty slots in Hero screen all had "Empty" as subtitle, in the Altar screen they had their actual name in the subtitles (if their slot was empty!): Head, Neck, Torso, Right Hand, Right Rind, Left Hand, Left Ring, Shoulders, Feet, Misc 1 to 5, War Machine 1 to 4 (and the backpack slots had no subtitle, but for these we can leave "Empty" as we have now in VCMI).

9. (H3 Bug/Feature?) H3 allowed War Machines to be placed on the Altar. I'm not sure if I should consider this bug or feature. The fact that they were accepted, but with 0 experience, makes me think they may have wanted it like this. But I can't see any reason why one would want to sacrifice them. If there's no gain in experience, I'd rather have a script or sth allowing us to drop the artifacts (similar with dismissing creatures), rather than having to look for an Altar to get rid of it. But you're free do decide as you feel about this.

10. (H3... LOGIC?) It is not clear to me if H3 had any logic in choosing which artifacts go on the Altar when hero had more than 22 and a "Place all..." button was selected. I checked, and H3 seemed to pick artifacts from both hero and his backpack, without a particular logic. Not based on their side and not even alphabetical (perhaps in order of their corresponding ID's in the game files?). If you can manage to figure out H3's logic, feel free to apply it. Otherwise I would suggest the following order:
- first backpack artifacts, starting from the weakest (and further prioritize alphabetically, or in the left-to-right order they are in the backpack)
- then artifacts on hero, again starting from the weakest
- and finally War Machines (if you want), which could be in order of their Hit Points... or else simply in order of their slots (not relevant anyway)
Take map attached to 0000515 in MapEditor and add the Altar next to Ivor (middle of the snow area) to easily reproduce all the above afterwards.
No-harm enhancement
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2010-07-28 00:34   
None of the issues though leads to any crash, so there's no emergency to have anything fixed before 0.82. We could actually mark it as 0.82 bug if you want, to be gradually handled in the coming months.
2014-12-24 22:49   
Little update on this old issue:

1 - No idea about 2010, but in 0.97 there is already code to handle limit, but it's was broken. So I'm fixed it and will be pull it soon.

2 - Don't think like it's was good "feature" to implement, but it's just my 2c.

3 - Likely need proper investigation on why is that happening.

4 - Met same issue, but on differenc conditions. See 0002001

5 - Not a VCMI bug. I already seen comment about it somewhere on bugtracker that problem occur on other screen if original graphics missing this slot. Though for me in 0.97 and H3 complete this not an issue.

6 - Still exist. At moment this button is completely hidden for good heroes.

7 - Still exist.

8 - Still exist.
2014-12-25 03:46   
6 - Just fixed too.
2014-12-25 23:54   
So I'm find out first reason why is 3 occur.

If you sacrificed multiple artifacts you might be get few levels for that. Problem is: each sacrifice artifact request processed separately and as result after first one or two were sacrified there is levelup request sent to client. In the end server unable to process more request because it's waiting for answers on levelups.

Though there is also other problem that block ability to sacrifice a lot of artifacts in same time.
2014-12-26 11:26   
So here is commit that fix 1: [^]
And this one fix 6: [^]
Though I suppose 4 won't occur anymore as I should've fixed other ways to pickup wrong artifacts.

So basically following things still need some attention: 3, 7, 8