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0000525VCMIMechanics - Battlespublic2010-07-10 10:542018-01-22 16:11
AMD 5600+WindowsXP SP3
0000525: Selection of Resurrection target with mutiple dead creatures on a hex
You can use Sir Mullich in the map attached to 0000515 and attack the Orange player and follow the below steps to reproduce:
Round 1
- Use defend on all your troops. The enemy Phoenix will kill the Sharpshooter

Round 2
- Use defend on all your troops. The enemy Phoenix will kill the Enchanter

Round 3
- At start the enemy Phoenix will kill the Nomad
- Use Resurrection on Sharpshooter or Enchanter
- When the turn comes for Sharpshooter/Enchanter, move it in front of the Ammo Cart (just above the hexes where the the body of the Nomad is)

Round 4
- Enemy Phoenix will move above the dead Nomad, to kill your Sharphooter/Enchanter
- Attack the Phoenix with your Phoenix & Crystal Dragon. That should kill it.
- Try to cast Resurrection on the Nomad
Note: Probably obvious, but the fix should take care both left and right player can resurrect. I'm just thinking we should avoid that by fixing this we end up blocking the AI from resurrecting their troop in that very same hex.

There's another difference: in H3, if 2 or more of our stacks were dying in the same hex, resurrection was starting with the last one which died. In VCMI it seems it start with the first one (or else random). In the above mentioned map, I had the Enchanter killed in the same hex where Sharpshooter was killed before. Resurrection raised the Sharpshooter first.

SUGGESTION: It would be great if in case 2 or more stacks died in the same spot, Resurrection would first open a window asking us which of the dead stacks we prefer to resurrect. I think the fans would consider it a welcomed surprise feature, without having the feeling that it really affects the original gameplay. But I understand that even if you like the idea, this would require extra code plus graphics for a totally new choice window, so this should of course not prevent moving this into Resolved once the reported bug is fixed.
No-harm enhancement
related to 0001763closed AlexVinS Game crashes when attempting to resurrect 
related to 0002862assigned AVS Resurrection - it does not work if the units were killed in the same hex 
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Well only a code. We have multi-use choice window graphics - just the same as town portal choice popup.
2014-05-17 20:12   
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Targeting was fixed in issue 0001763. The other remaining suggestions look more like a feature. Edited report info.