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0000517VCMIGUI - Adventure Mappublic2010-07-05 00:222023-06-22 16:13
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AMD 5600+WindowsXP SP3
0000517: Fog of War 1-time minor bug (maybe caused by alt-tabbing between VCMI, H3 & other applications)
I've got a 1-time FoW bug while playing around with the map attached to 0000370 (see screenshot).

By mistake I forgot to save the logs before I jumped to try to reproduce it, though I wonder if they would have helped at all considering the fact that there was no crash (hence no crashdump). I think the server/client logs don't collect anything relevant in respect to this kind of bugs. Maybe if I would have forced a crash I may have had something (but I forgot which was the console message that can force that :p).

It's not reproducible (after about 10 attempts), but these were the circumstances:
- It was a game opened by going back to Main Menu from the Adventure Map and starting anew
- I was frequently alt-tabbing between applications, mainly VCMI, H3 & Google Chrome, because I was comparing behaviors between VCMI & H3 and then writing things in a report. Total Cmd, Notepad and a couple of other applications may have been opened at that time, though probably not relevant.
- It was on the map attached to 0000370. After I played with Sorsha, I picked Aeris, went to the shipyard, then gave him order to move East towards the shipyards on the right side of the map and I got this. I cannot remember now for sure, but I think the FoW was removed correctly when he advanced to the position in the screenshot, but the fog patches you see (also blocking his way) reappeared after some of my actions (alt-tabbing, or even sth else - but couldn't tell what exactly).

Question: if I notice this again, is there anything I can to to help trace the cause? If forcing a crashdump would help, please remind me the command for that.
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just type CRASH
2010-07-06 05:17   
Interesting, it might be caused by desync between server and client (but what caused desync...?).

I fear crashdump won't be useful here, it contains information on what VCMI was doing at the moment of crash and values of some basic variables. Here we most probably have corrupted copy of game state on client.

Have you tried saving the game and checking if the issue is still present after loading? If it was desync the problematic FoW should be gone after load.
2023-06-22 16:13   
Old, not reproducible, closing