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0000483VCMIMechanics - Adventure Mappublic2010-06-01 08:362023-04-12 16:59
0000483: Dimension Door - message you cann't cast DD should appear just after you choose spell not after you choos place to "jump"
Message "Hero is not skilled enough to cast this spell again today" should appear just after you click on the spell in book. Saving time is important;)
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related to 0002031closed AVS Muvpoints not spent at the town portal 
related to 0001331closed AVS Dimension door, if hero has no skill in Air Magic for second cast it still will spend mana 
related to 0002352assigned AVS Spells: Dimension Door need move points check in client similar to Town Portal 
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2010-06-01 09:07   
Also, when he's totally out of movement points, we should get the message saying: "The hero is too tired to cast this spell today. Try again tomorrow."

Plus a small cosmetic bug: the movement bar next to hero icon does not decrease during the DD teleport, but only next time we apply an action on the hero. E.g.: if he teleports with his last movement points, we still see a bit of green in his movement bar, but if we try to use it to move one more tile, the movement bar get emptied completely.
2014-11-26 04:25   
Confirm behaviour for 0.97. Didnt think to do that, but decide to set relations to bug related to mana usage so it's will be bumped anyway.