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0000401VCMIGUI - Adventure Mappublic2010-03-02 09:242015-11-29 09:55
0000401: The "(digging ok)" text should accompany all terrain type info windows
I was waiting to report this until the Grail implementation, but I realize now there's a fat chance they are not really related (technically). If I'm not mistaken, we never have in H3 the case that R-click just says "Grass" for example. It's either "Grass (digging ok)", or else just names the 'object' which is actually on that tile (can be Hole if the case, or anything else: Crater, Oak Trees etc). So I guess this should be an easy fix, as it doesn't depend on the Grail-related parts of the code.
The only detail to have perhaps in mind when implementing this, is that "(digging ok)" should be on the second line. As the info boxes don't always have the same H3 size, I'm thinking we should not end up with the text on 1 line. Or worse, to have only "ok)" on the second line: :)

"Dirt (digging


EDIT: After writing this I saw we actually have already an issue with how this extra info is handled. See report 0000402.
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related to 0000402assigned Ivan The extra info (between brackets) for any item on the map should be on a second line in the info window 
related to 0002341new  Digging status: we shouldn't expose invisible objects like placed events 
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Fixed: [^]

Though digging need a bit more refactoring.