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Tow dragon 
0000396: Battle crash - possibly due to attack/retaliation or else due to cast
No crashdump file created, but I'm attaching the logs & saved game. I was able to reproduce it only twice out of 10-15 attempts.

To reproduce, take Thant in the attached savegame and attack Tower. First time when I had the crash, I had previously visited the Necro town for spells. In the battle, I first cast Lightning Bolt on Titans, then attacked Titans with Ghost Dragon. The game got stuck during Titan's retaliation, but if I'm not mistaken I already got an error from my firewall (sth about trying to access dwwin.exe) at the end of the spell cast.

Second time I had the crash was after attacking Tower without passing by Necro for spells. The only spell I had was Animate Dead. And again, after casting and attacking the Titan, it crashed.

Third time was again after casting Lightning Bolt. Though this 3rd time I was paying a bit more attention and I believe I'm getting the message from my firewall in the moment when I set the attack direction of my Dragon and I click the mouse. Then follows the attack animation (I'm not 100% sure about retaliation) and then the game gets stuck.
As a side issue, you can see the console is mentioning 4 pcx files which are missing. Perhaps you can check what that is about.
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Tow dragon   
2010-03-02 10:40   
Fixed in rev 1529. You just need to overwrite file /config/spell_info.txt with this one: [^] .
2010-03-02 22:16   
Indeed unable to reproduce in the updated 0.80