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0000039VCMIGUI - Town screenpublic2009-10-02 12:212010-07-04 00:38
Steven Aus 
0000039: Sometimes extra cosmetic town buildings aren't placed in town screen as Hall is upgraded.
An example in the attached save game (Back for Revenge map) - some Rampart towns have the extra cosmetic buildings when the Hall is built to a certain level and some don't.
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has duplicate 0000106closed Tow Rampart Town Hall upgrade is missing some huts that should be added to the town screen: 
7z BackForRevengeMapSave.7z (111,227) 2009-10-02 12:21
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2009-10-02 13:32   
Also reported as 0.73#78 ( [^]) : Rampart Town Hall upgrade is missing some huts that should be added to the town screen: VCMI ( [^]) vs H3 ( [^])
2009-10-02 13:34   
Probably related also to 0.73#34.3, reported by pHOMM, indicating various town screen elements not included in some upgrades at Necropolis: "in necropolis if u compare blacksmith u will see differences(in front/under th blacksmith there some thombs in h3) and between wraithhouse and skeleton house there are differences, also if u hover a skeleton house u will see that un h3 yellow border interrupts(for other buildings and towns same) and in VCMI it's like a space around building which erases the background" ( [^])
2009-12-29 14:01   
Fixed in 1404 - cosmetic buildings behavior should be correct now
2010-07-04 00:37   
Verified as fixed in 0.81. Next to Rampart, also Necropolis & Conflux have cosmetic town screen objects which gradually appear with every upgrade of the town hall, but they all work fine now. Please re-open if otherwise.