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0000369VCMIMechanics - Otherpublic2010-02-14 12:382016-09-28 21:08
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0000369: F4 with OH3 running causes both go to full screen and then OH3 crashes
Is this possible to make VCMI not let OH3 switching into full screen mode?
I thought that in previous versions there wasn't such a problem but I've tested it also in 074 and it causes crash too.
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related to 0000028resolved  F4 causes problems when running both VCMI and H3 (0.71#47) 
jpg F4 causes OH3 crash.jpg (126,554) 2010-02-14 12:38
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Probably related to 0000028
2010-02-14 13:16   
Sorry, I didn't check that this kind of problem is already reported.
2010-02-14 13:30   
No worries, the other report describes a slightly different issue, so they're more related than really duplicates probably.
2016-09-28 21:08   
I use HD mod (instead of the original) and all ok. Someone playing this bug?