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0000366VCMIGUI - Otherpublic2010-02-14 02:302022-12-17 14:07
0000366: R-click on hero/town in Kingdom Overview: should't it better open the hero/town screen only temporarily?
The Kingdom Overview looks very nice (great job!). Even what I didn't expect to work from the first day (click on hero/town to open their screen) seems to work exactly like in OH3.

However, I always felt that R-click was not implemented correctly in H3. It basically had the same functionality with L-click, which was not very intuitive, considering the typical R-click functionality in other applications (even other H3 screens). I would prefer if in VCMI it would behave as follows:

- Either have the hero/town screen open only temporarily, while we're holding the mouse button down;

- Or take us to the hero/town screen, with access to change/build things, but when we click the check mark to exit that screen we should be back to Kingdom Overview, not taken to the adventure map.
No-harm enhancement
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More logical will be to make hall\fort icons clickable just like it already works in town screen (that icons were quite useless in H3)

Temporary right-click screen is a nice idea and should not be too hard to implement