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Tow dragon 
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0000034: Unstable interface when hero stops moving (0.7b#11, 0.68b#b)
Walking to a object with a popup window (at least it's most noticeable, I think it can happen when picking up resources too) makes the adv. map flick a little to the way your going towards. Also happens more often after a long route (i think). Probably caused by the change that makes the adv map smoothly follow the hero when walking. [^]

#b1 - Unstable interface when hero stops moving (reproducible)
When hero stops moving, in the change from the moving animation to the static position, for like a fraction of a second, the interface hangs a bit (or very shortly trembles, like an unstable focus or sth). If at the end of the movement there is an object which trigges a message window (e.g.: treasure chest), we can see this very short tremble behind the message window. This was introduced now with 0.68b. I'm pretty sure it wasn't in 0.68. [^]

Possibly related: (0.7)
0000057 When the hero is on the move the screen seems to get centered after every step instead of smoothly following the hero.
Just felt it was so annoying i had to report it :P . maybe it's possible to change this already somehow?
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I checked this in 0.74 and it seems (at least partly) fixed. Hero's movement is still not perfectly fluent, but I didn't notice anymore that re-centering at every step or when hero stops moving.

EDIT: I checked in 0.84 and the issue is still there actually. It seems more noticeable in lower resolutions (especially on full screen), so it can be I was testing on a very high resolution last time when I had the feeling there's an improvement. Probably the map moves with just 1 pixel when hero stops, which is less obvious on high resolutions.