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0003254VCMIAI - Adventure Mappublic2023-07-07 20:332023-07-07 20:50
Desktop PCWindows 11
0003254: AI Stuck on it's turn
The AI (Purple player in this instance) is getting stuck on its turn. This is happening on the map arrogance for me.

Based on a look at the log, it might be the AI trying to build a boat.
Start map arrogance,
wait several turns,
eventually, the AI seems to get stuck
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txt VCMI_Client_log.txt (925,287) 2023-07-07 20:33
txt VCMI_Client_log 2.txt (1,977,124) 2023-07-07 20:39
? Aericka.vsgm1 (3,625,546) 2023-07-07 20:41
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The 1st client log seems to be the wrong one
also, the issue seems to be semi-random. In this instance it happens nearly every time I load that game, but not every time.