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0003247VCMIGUI - Battlespublic2023-02-07 20:092023-02-14 16:22
Macbook SILICONVentura13.1
0003247: not shown creatures during battle
Dear Community,

I repeatevely face to crash during combat when only number of creatures are shown, but there is no siliete. And the game hangs and crashes after a few turns.

It happens constantly in Utopia (dragon castle) and some times during common battle, but what I first realised it was also at hero :( It means it is not possible to win.

You can see more details and explanation on the attached screenshot.
enter Utopia - Dragon Castle.
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png Homman3VCMI.png (1,904,330) 2023-02-07 20:09
txt CrashHOMAN3.txt (44,000) 2023-02-07 20:12
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2023-02-14 16:22   
maybe MacOS demo assets support plugin is the cause of this fails.