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0003237VCMIAI - Adventure Mappublic2022-09-24 22:192024-01-30 19:17
0003237: AI freeze due to has to answer query "20Cgarrisondialogquery"
AI frequently run into "has to answer queries before attempting any further actions". Query type "20Cgarrisondialogquery" and qid is a random number every now and then (screenshot attached)
Eventually AI will run into this bug and cannot finish their turns, thus game has to be close and forfeit the game entirely. Loading savegame will not work since AI will repeat the same actions and get stuck again.
Games are played in RMG map Jebus Cross
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Hi. This is an abandoned bug tracker. Report bugs here [^]

And of course attache saves

Update: daily builds may be unstable now

2022-11-26 14:28   
We need saves with extensions .vsgm1 and .vcgm1 otherwise this ticket is useless.

In the meantime, try the official release, it should be more stable [^]