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0003236VCMIOtherpublic2022-09-19 07:262022-11-06 19:16
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0003236: Version 1.0.0 is not selectable in the Product Version field in when creating a Bug Report
When creating a bug report, version 1.0.0, the most recent version of VCMI, is not among the options that can be selected in the Product Version field.
1) Go to [^]
2) Click on the drop down box next to "Product Version"
3) Notice that the most recent version that can be selected is 0.99, 1.0.0 is not among the versions that can be selected.
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This is an abandoned bug tracker. Report bugs here [^]
2022-09-19 18:21   
Thanks for the tip. This bug tracker was still linked at the top of the VCMI website under "Bugs" so I didn't realize.