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0003221VCMIAI - Adventure Mappublic2022-06-07 13:042022-06-08 10:25
0003221: Nullkiller AI is stuck on attacking castle
The bug triggers while we have limited on map heroes with hardcoded options (for example by using resourcefullaimod). in my case it is 2 heroes but other people reported 4-5 hero limit. However I think this would also happen for 8 hero limit if there was a specific case to trigger it (it just may be hard to do) I do not see any specific place in AI code where the hero limit would not be implemented. What happens is IMHO AI is stuck on gather army or execute chain goal and is unable to change goals actions to something else.
I got it twice on Analogy template.

In this case steps to reproduce are

- enable on map hero limit (resourcefullaimod). Bug triggers when Ai cannot hire extra hero so reducing hero limit helps to trigger the bug.

- I've started a map and fast skipped (end turn) about week or two. (The idea was to check AI movement with vcmieagles code) . When AI was clearly on path to my zone (to eliminate me) I've build up some things in castle to put up some resistance and Ai got afraid of attacking and is stuck with both heroes doing nothing. It will be stuck unless I move out my hero out of main town, so he can capture it.

This does not happen in every game but it is easier to reproduce when AI owns more towns that are in different zones. In this case Analogy template with just 2 starting players is a good starting point to reproduce it.

mods enabled :

resourcefullaimod : [^]

other mods that or on:

Tides of war
Pavillion Town
Ban things mod

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Uploaded second zip vcmi.7z . Same problems on Analogy template. No mods other then resourcefullAI mod enebled. Ai however is not stuck as badly as in the previous save game.

full logs that might be more helpful then previous ones.