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0003220VCMILauncherpublic2022-05-24 08:512022-09-13 12:11
Android arm64-v8aAndroid11
0003220: Android 11 Storage permission needs rework
Android 11 changed the way internal storage works. The App can’t write to /storage/emulated/0/vcmi-data
When checking the permissions, only the following prompt is available.
Allow access to media only.
As I understand, the following flag needs to be set, R.attr | Android Developers

Or separate app needs to be made just for Android 11 and beyond.
Install the daily build, create folder on /storage/emulated/0/vcmi-data

It detects the file but can't write to the folder, following error occurs
Could not save vcmi config; reason /storage/emulated/0/vcmi-data/config/json.conf: open failed: EPERM (Operation not permitted)
Using Lenovo Tab P11, it has a keyboard with trackpad, thought it would be ideal to play HoMM3 with. But due to the Android 11 new permissions it causes older apps to misbehave.
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Link with the permissions: [^]
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Total Commander for example has different permission dialogue.
Allow management of All files.
2022-09-13 12:11   
Today's build uses different approach and now it will search vcmi-data folder in different place. Internal Storage is removed. This is the way how Minecraft did it so I am not going to look for something else.