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0000322VCMIGUI - Adventure Mappublic2009-12-25 03:332012-09-01 10:02
0000322: Map scroll with keyboard keys behaves a bit differently then H3, leading to the impression that it's too fast sometimes
In H3, if we pressed CTRL and then an Arrow/Numpad key for a second, the map would scroll 1 tile. If we held the CTRL+Arrow/Numpad key for more than a second, only then the map would start continuously scrolling (so after a break of a fraction of a second, as if the system would check to see if we want just a short scroll or a long one).

In VCMI however, the continuous scrolling starts instantly. Which means that if we want to scroll just 1 tile, we'll have to hold CTRL, but then barely touch an Arrow/Numpad key. And even then sometimes I see the map jumps 2-3 tiles already. It's particularly noticed in lower resolutions, where fast scroll may suddenly move 30% of your visible AdvMap out of view (on high resolutions the impact is way smaller, hence the reason I didn't notice this yet).

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I think that the present implementation is perfect.
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I think for the player it doesn't make much difference, which is why I created it from the start as Low priority. It's just a bit annoying as a tester, if I want to capture the best focus for a screenshot.

I prolly wouldn't have reported this at all if it wasn't also different than the H3 behavior, and it's no big issue if it's never fixed. But there's also no harm in leaving it open, in case one day a coder will feel like trying his hand at this.