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0003218VCMIMechanics - Battlespublic2022-05-23 16:362022-05-23 16:36
0003218: Creature heroes' specialties don't work in newest daily builds
Heroes with standard creatures' specialties don't give their units Attack and Defense bonus in the newest daily builds. They do give their units +1 Speed bonus.

Heroes with fully described specialties work as intended (Conflux heroes), only format "specialty" : {"creature" : "creaturename"}
doesn't seem to work.
1. Start a new game with a standard creature specialist, e.g. Ajit in Dungeon.
2. Check the beholders' stats - they should have 12 Attack (default 9 + 2 from hero bonus + 1 from specialty bonus),
This issue doesn't occur on 10th April 2021 build.
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