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0003200VCMIGUI - Otherpublic2022-03-27 19:232023-02-23 10:15
Huawei Matepad BAH3-W09Android 10 
0003200: Problems installing on android
During the installation process, sometimes the client cannot read files from either internal storage or external storage. I just threw folders(maps mp3 data) into vcmi-data and added a zip archive. But the error was the same: Could not data folder in %1$S '

I have a suspicion that it worked when I added the archive without compression. But not sure about it. I'm afraid to delete so as not to fly off. Definitely there are some problems with the paths. The application has received all the rights to the maximum.

How it worked for me, I myself did not understand. I spent an entire evening on this. At first, a version appeared in the client, but it didn’t want to start, a black screen and crashed after half a second without errors.
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