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0003184VCMIAI - Adventure Mappublic2021-07-27 01:072023-04-15 12:30
0003184: Hero can't use map objects if his primary skills are negative
When hero's attack, defence, power or wisdom skills fall to -1 or less, he can't use:

 - campfires
 - treasure chests
 - tombs of the warrior
 - single-use objects, like learning stones, faerie rings, marletto towers, windmills, etc.
1) Enter any map
2) type in a cheatcode: vcmiforgeofnoldorking
3) equip an artifact which will lower one of primary skills into negative values, like Titan's Gladius.
4) try interacting with any aforementioned objects
The easiest way to fix it would be to set minimum values for primary skills, but negative values are cool and it should make sense for future modded artifacts or objects to give powerful bonuses but with some added detriments.
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Not reproducible anymore. Skills are never reduced below 0.

Can be Closed!