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0003171VCMIAI - Adventure Mappublic2021-02-14 08:012021-07-31 08:54
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0003171: The AI can visit the shipyard by going through the guards and can't buy a boat
The hero can visit the shipyard by going through the guards. A guard is set that will always join. But the AI ​​apparently did not want to take her to his army, since she does not disappear from the map.
Hence he cannot buy a boat. Since this guard interferes.
Added saves before and after visiting
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2021-07-24 20:22   
Interesting map. The archangel in question is treated as a water monster and you can attack him only from boat. So you can reach the shipyard but the boat appears in a place which you can not reach.
2021-07-31 08:54   
It's my mistake and not bag at all. Creature stand on water.