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0003165VCMIMechanics - Battlespublic2021-01-28 09:362021-01-28 13:54
0003165: Creature spell casting on self
Creatures like Archangels or the castle Commander can cast their spell on self when in auto-combat, but not in normal combat.
Use auto combat
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2021-01-28 10:19   
Are you pressed F ?
2021-01-28 11:51   
Dear reporter,
please upload savegame if you can, so that we dont have to work on replaying it on our own.
Also please tell us if you use daily build, because if you use an old version, like the 2016year release, it could be very likely fixed already.
2021-01-28 13:54   
It is quite ease to reproduce. Just small map with Archangels. Or even you can just use a cheat vcmiarmenos or something. It gives current hero archangels. I always thought it is not possible in original heroes.