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0003159VCMIGUI - Adventure Mappublic2020-12-10 04:482020-12-10 04:48
0003159: "Ghost" characters without flag on adventure map
Today when I was playing with my friend on "hot seats" mode, one of us have strange problem with adventure map. After a couple of turns, We couldn't see current position of computer characters, but some "ghosts" - there were CPU figures without flag, without possibility to click on them - well - just like ghost. The only thing what repairs it, is reloading the game on every beginning of new turn. Other player saw everything correctly.

I suspect that they were on positions while moving by CPU player. What is also strange, even when some of them were visible for me, there wasn't any preview of CPU move, what made playing awful ;(
Just play, I didn't tested it yet on some single player campaign.
I can provide logs, and saves, but I don't think they will be usefull.
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