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0003156VCMIModspublic2020-11-21 20:042022-03-30 17:15
x86Windows 10 19041.630
0003156: Game crash when DeathVally mod exit town interface
Game always crash when in DeathVally mod when exit town, I tried 3 times´╝î crash 3
 times. my vcmi branch is newest commit eb011e59c4d62dc3f8d5b1173ec6fa050d7091e2. I build it in mxe 64bit version. my last build in May commit is OK, today I rebuild vcmi with newset commit, the bug occured.
1. build a ramdom extra large map, two player, play one choose DeathVally town.
2. enter the town
3. exit the town
4. game crash
the crash file and logs are in the attechment
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zip (1,646,422) 2020-11-21 20:04
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