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0003150VCMIMechanics - Town structurespublic2020-10-12 17:142020-10-12 18:29
0003150: Buggy first version of Mod system improvement Part I : Special buildings should work in modders towns
In latest daily build modders got great tool for configuring empty special buildings in fan made town. Unfortunatelly it's seems to be buggy and little buildings seem to work properly.

I tested all new types with Ciberium town ( [^]) and all types I wrote to "special1" buildings.

And here's the results:

"stables" - not working (any stables pop-up window)
"brotherhoodOfSword" - gives Tavern instead
"library" - seems working
"mysticPond" - seems working
"fountainOfFortune" - Mystic Pond funcionality
"manaVortex" - not working
"portalOfSummoning" - there's pop-up window saying that must be external dwelling flagged, but after do that - nothing happens and external creature can't be summoned.
"ballistaYard" - you can buy ballista, but after that it... dissapers :(
"freelancersGuild" - guild window appears, but trading shows very strange things and I can't do anything.
"escapeTunnel" - seems working
"artifactMerchant" - prices seem to have insane values!
"magicUniversity" - seems working
"castleGate" - works but only ciberium towns appear on the list.
"attackGarrisonBonus" - not working
"spellPowerGarrisonBonus" - not working
"defenseGarrisonBonus" - not working
"creatureTransformer" - works
"lookoutTower" - works

go to Ciberium's buildings.json file end edit "special1" part of file. For example:

"special1" :
        "description" : "",
        "name" : "Bunker",
        "cost" : { "gold" : 1000 },
        "type" : "ballistaYard",
        "id" : 17

Then save file and launch the game.
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2020-10-12 18:02   

"attackGarrisonBonus" - works
"spellPowerGarrisonBonus" - works
"defenseGarrisonBonus" - works
"fountainOfFortune" - works
"brotherhoodOfSword" - works but in modders towns such building must share the same place as Tavern, because it's Tavern upgrade, otherwise we'll get two taverns
2020-10-12 18:29   
It seems that modders must pay attention what special building belongs to original 'special'.

For example Mana Vortex is Dungeon's special2 buildings.
If in fan made town we write.

"special2" :
    "name" : "Mana Vortex 2",
    "type" : "manaVortex"

function will be apllied, but if we write:

"special1" :
    "name" : "Mana Vortex 2",
    "type" : "manaVortex"

nothing will happen