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0000315VCMIGUI - PreGamepublic2009-12-22 16:112009-12-22 21:43
0000315: No R-click info when Starting Hero in Advanced Options screen is "None"
As Tow pointed out in his comment for 0000083, this was buggy in H3, in the sense that it was giving the wrong information (the one for Random). It's already better that was not reproduced in VCMI, but it will be best if we implement the correct info window that should be displayed in such case. For example, the message could say: "A hero has been already given to this player from the Map Editor" or "A hero has been already customized for this player".
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related to 0000083closed Tow Starting Hero info seems to give erroneous information if heroes are customized from Map Editor 
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I will like better:
"The map requires custom hero settings which can't be changed."
it will support the case when really there's no hero too :)