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0003145VCMIAI - Adventure Mappublic2020-10-03 14:032023-01-26 07:01
0003145: We whould ship a good (functional) Adventure Map AI
(tested with a build from current master/develop branch)

I think we should get a new AI into mainline sooner rather than later.
And the good news is, that we already have one available: [^]

Right now even on the hardest setting they act totally of. The ai spends all it’s money on building 6+ heroes in the firtst two week, upgrades to castle and capitol, but doesn’t build any creature dwellings, and it doesn’t attack enemy heroes right next to theirs, even if they just have 1 level 1 unit.

I would say the game is not really playable with the ai that is in out daily develop builds right now.
Just start any game and watch what the enemy does.
I attached a savegame where you can clearly see, that something went wrong there.
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7z aiexamplesave_withcove.7z (284,608) 2020-10-03 14:03
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2022-04-05 10:25   
1. NullkillerAI already integrated in develop.
2. What exactly went wrong? What mods other than hota were used? My game crashes when a tan player visits the lookout tower.
2023-01-26 07:01   
About this ticket - I think we should mark it as fixed. Since NullkillerAI is already integrated into the game.
(If you think differently, open again)