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0003138VCMIModspublic2020-08-04 19:042020-08-05 05:39
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0003138: Werevolves are scary submod of Hills of unrest freezes vcmiclient
I'm using VCMI 0.99 8c77f0488c21cbd6de7c77b34c58654d1d039f21. Adding Hills of unrest mod[1], even when it's disabled, causes vcmiclient hang (no window with game is shown, vcmiclient process is just busy doing something in background). Removing mod from Mods folder fixes the problem. There is nothing interesting in vcmiclient log file.

[1]: [^]
1. Download [^]
2. Extract files to Mods folder
3. Run vcmiclient
4. Observe client hanging
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2020-08-04 19:19   
Yeah, it's known VCMI mod system bug. If any mod in mod.json file has a line: "depends": [] and main mod is disabled, such mod freezes console client.
So you must enable main mod - in this case Tides of War, or... delete Hills od unrest mod from Mods folder.
2020-08-04 19:24   
@misiokles Thank you for your comment. Is there other ticket for this bug?
2020-08-04 19:34   
3 years ago I wrote this issue [^] But I didn't know what causes such hangings.
2020-08-05 05:39   
Might be worth to find the root cause and respond with some error instead. But sure if there is a simple workaround the priority of this issue is quite small.