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0003137VCMIMap Editorpublic2020-08-02 19:242023-01-21 19:31
0003137: Seer's Hut/Quest Guard issue
(encountered in latest release of VCMI map editor - 0.1.15)

When you put one of the quest-giveers in VCMI map editor with an objective to bring a certain number of creatures ('Army' requirement) and visit such object, VCMI will freeze. This problem doesn't occur when you play one of the original maps with this objective. It also doesn't occur when you save such map in VCMI editor format.
Play attached map, it contains Seer's Hut and Quest Guard with a quest to bring 1 Air Elemental.
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? quest issues 1.vmap (2,541) 2020-08-02 19:24
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I can confirm it
2023-01-21 19:31   
While the issue still persists, I discovered a way to bypass it. Open the "objects.json" in the saved map (open the map with Winrar or other unpacker) and edit the properties of the seer's hut in question. There, delete the empty {} brackets in the "creatures" field.