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0003132VCMIMechanics - Battlespublic2020-06-11 02:422023-01-26 11:02
0003132: Turn to stone / Paralysis / Blind issue
Abilities based on NOT_ACTIVE bonus don't work correctly.

In vanilla H3, when basilisk's, medusa's, manticore's and unicorn's ability activates, it automatically stops the enemy's retaliation. In VCMI, this is made by adding BLOCKS_RETALIATION bonus to "paralyse" and "stoneGaze" spells (in abiliy.json). But "blind" doesn't get that - spell only stops retaliation on expert level, so when Unicorns blind a unit, it retaliates, when it shouldn't.

There's more - creatures affected by "paralyse" and "stoneGaze" spells, should retaliate upon being attacked. In VCMI - they don't. BLOCKS_RETALIATION bonus makes them unable to.
Alter Basilisks' SPELL_AFTER_ATTACK value to 100 to make the testing easier.

Start "All for one" map with Fortress and choose Bron as a starting hero - then separate his Basilisks into single stacks and attack Obsidian Gargoyles at North-East passage.

Observe that Gargoyles turned into stone (yes, Gargoyles are susceptible to this spell) don't retaliate after being attacked.
Add a new duration type - one that stops the effect with each new creature's round. Or make it that UNTIL_BEING_ATTACKED works - because right now it doesn't.
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2020-12-07 03:08   
Just came to a conclusion that ATTACKS_NEAREST_CREATURE wouldn't work too (as a substitute of NOT_ACTIVE).
2023-01-26 11:02   
Resolved in 1.2