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0003122VCMIOtherpublic2020-05-10 07:192020-05-10 07:19
0003122: Unfinished or not working VCMI bonuses.
In file [^] we can read about few "unfinished" (?) or not working bonuses.
They are bonuses mostly for commanders (?).

1. BONUS_NAME(EXP_MULTIPLIER)/* val - percent of additional exp gained by stack/commander (base value 100)*/\

2. BONUS_NAME(ADDITIONAL_UNITS) /*val of units with id = subtype will be added to hero's army at the beginning of battle */\

3. BONUS_NAME(SPOILS_OF_WAR) /*val * 10^-6 * gained exp resources of subtype will be given to hero after battle*/\

It would be cool to have them working ;)
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