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0003119VCMIGUI - Battlespublic2020-05-09 15:202023-04-12 23:30
0003119: Blue rectangle around object on battleground
Sometimes during a battle, a blue rectangle can be seen around a obstacle. Obstacle and units are not covered, but "ground" texture is covered - see screenshot.
Build the most recent develop (8871368c5) on Ubuntu 20.04, release config
Start a scenario
Start a battle
Observe big blue rectangle in the middle of the battlefield.
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has duplicate 0003174resolved Ivan Broken ground sprites in battle screen (Developer git) 
related to 0003149resolved Ivan Light blue rectangle in the battle field when rocks exists 
png Screenshot from 2020-05-09 15-46-40.png (2,558,010) 2020-05-09 15:20
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2020-05-09 17:07   
So yeah before I suspected it's only affected cross-compilation, but it seems problem affect all builds with newer GCC.
2022-12-17 14:13   
Not reproducible in current git