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SPECIFIC_SPELL_POWER doesn't work for summoning spells.

I tried to make a summoning spell, that a creature could cast at the start of its turn via the "ENCHANTER" bonus. The spell should take its power value from "SPECIFIC_SPELL_POWER" bonus, but it's based on "CREATURE_SPELL_POWER" instead. If I understand correctly, the "SPECIFIC_SPELL_POWER" bonus should make the creature ignore "CREATURE_SPELL_POWER" value for this particular spell.

In my example mod, harpies summon fire elementals at the start of their first turn in battle. The amount of summoned creatures is twice that of harpies, because their "CREATURE_SPELL_POWER" is set to 100. This is equal to 1 point of power, which gives 1 x 2 = 2. "SPECIFIC_SPELL_POWER" is set to 10, so it should give 10 x 2 = 20 fire elementals.
1) download my mod and start a game with Dungeon faction
2) recruit some harpies
3) engage in battle and wait for the Harpies' turn.
4) the amount of summoned Fire Elementals is twice that of Harpies (it should be 20 times that)
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rar harpy spell test 3.rar (786) 2020-05-06 04:00
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