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0003113VCMIGUI - Battlespublic2020-04-20 23:442020-04-20 23:44
0003113: UNTIL_ATTACK issue
I believe UNTIL_ATTACK bonus duration isn't working correctly. The wiki says that the bonus with this duration should end after attack and counterattack actions are performed, but it ends before the creature even starts the attack, bar one or two bonuses.

To show an example, I made a spell which gives two effects that should occur once:
 - target of this spell gets Harpy's return attack.
 - target of this spell can't get retaliated.

And it doesn't work. Surprisingly, a spell which adds an additional attack and Dread Knight's critical strkie works just fine (applies the bonus for one strike, and after that disappears). Something seems off.
1) Download my mod and start a game
2) type TAB + vcmiistari
3) engage in battle and cast "Harpy test"
4) attack
5) it doesn't work (the unit should behave as harpy hag for one attack)
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rar harpy spell test.rar (32,789) 2020-04-20 23:44
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