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0003112: GARGOYLE bonus doesn't work
Gargoyles should be resistant to the same effects that NON_LIVING creature are, minus mind spells. It also shouldn't be affected by Resurrection and Sacrifice spells, and Elixir of Life.

They are currently only resistant to FEAR, LIFE_DRAIN and DAEMON_SUMMONING.
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rar config.rar (7,554) 2020-05-07 05:39
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2020-05-07 05:39   
Sorry for not realizing this sooner. Lacking immunities of creatures with GARGOYLE bonus can be complemented by replacing "artifacts", "other (spells)" and "ability" .jsons from this pack (config.rar, I'll upload it in a moment).
2020-05-07 18:22   
Thanks, pushed as [^]
2020-05-07 18:23   
What about these -25 and -50 effects removed from elixirOfLife, is that was a bug too?
2020-05-07 19:34   
Before there were two pairs of bonuses - ones that gave an increment to all creatures and ones that removed it from UNDEAD via IS_UNDEAD limiter. I figured it was some kind of leftover, so I removed it, for clarity. Now it takes only one of each bonuses - one that gives an increment to all creatures excluding those defined in the aggregate limiter.

(NON_LIVING creatures were also affected by the elixir's bonus before, so I added them to the unaffected group.)

But as it turns out - the first bonus (one that adds stack health) doesn't work correctly either way - in the first case, it doesn't reduce the amount of health in the negative bonus and in the second one, it ignores the limiter (the regeneration bonus is limited correctly).
2020-05-07 19:42   
I wonder if would be better to come back with old but enchanted bonus, but with 2 subtypes:
"type" : "NON_LIVING"
"subtype" : 0 - golem style
"subtype" : 1 - gorgoyle style