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0003110VCMIMechanics - Otherpublic2020-04-09 17:482020-04-09 17:48
0003110: Limiter CREATURE_ALIGNMENT_LIMITER seems not working with non-stat bonuses.
Two years ago we got few nice limiters. CREATURE_ALIGNMENT_LIMITER, CREATURE_FACTION_LIMITER, CREATURE_TERRAIN_LIMITER. First two seem to work with diffirent conditions - problem is with third. I've noticed CREATURE_TERRAIN_LIMITER works with stat parameters like STACK_SPEED but doesn't work with rest bonuses like for example MANA_DRAIN or MAGIC_MIRROR. In attachment test mod and save to investigate problem.
1. Download and unzip attachment.
2. Copy Mods folder to Mods folder, and Games folder to Games directory.
3. Launch game
4. Load testShield save.
5. After loading pick strange artifact lying before hero.
6. This shield shoulg give troops MAGIC_MIRROR ability but only in GRASS terrain. But artifact does nothing...
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