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0003103VCMIMechanics - Town structurespublic2020-01-21 18:112020-05-31 23:47
0003103: The spells in Mage Guild in town should be re-generated after "Restart Scenario".
When I was playing the campaign "Dragon Slayer", after game started the first thing I did is going to the town to check the Level 4 spells in Mage Guild, I will restart the scenario if the spell is not what I wanted.
But I found each time the spells are the same as previous, unless I go to "Main Menu" and start the campaign again. In original H3, the spells will be re-randomly generated after "Restart Scenario".
1. Start a Campaign Scenario;
2. Go to a town with Mage Guild, check the spells;
3. Choose "Restart Scenario";
4. Go to the town again;

The spells should be changed.
The spells are totally the same as previous.
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Looking at this one, need to understand the full set of events that occurs upon campaign mission start and where to best fit a random generator re-seeding.