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0003097VCMISound, music, videospublic2020-01-04 18:282023-10-28 20:39
resolvedunable to reproduce 
VCMI 0.99 98e2d177c083251328de81win101903
0003097: VCMI may crash on mods using mp3 as town background music
if a town mod use mp3 file as background music, VCMI may crash on town interface. The bug occured very high frequency. 1/10 or more. game can not continue. When I convert mp3 file to ogg format and delete mp3 file in mod. The bug dissappear.
1. enable mods like Fairy, Deathvalley, preserve or Forge.
2. select mod town to start game.
3. play game, bugs will occures when you enter the town.
I using the first dev branch build of 2020. still contains this bug.
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2020-01-04 18:28kdmcserNew Issue
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2023-10-28 20:39NordsoftFixed in Version => 1.4.0
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