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0003090VCMISound, music, videospublic2019-10-19 23:382019-10-24 18:32
0003090: Sounds missing
I am running the latest version of VCMI (development), but I also experienced this bug on stable. When I run the game, many of the sounds are not present (for example "click" sound). This really breaks the experience for me.
I noticed that in the log I can find multiple errors such as:

WARN mod [30e0] - Data in airElemental is invalid!
WARN mod [30e0] - At /sound/attack
     Error: Sound file "AELMATTK.wav" was not found
At /sound/defend
     Error: Sound file "AELMDFND.wav" was not found
At /sound/killed
     Error: Sound file "AELMKILL.wav" was not found
At /sound/move
     Error: Sound file "AELMMOVE.wav" was not found
At /sound/wince
     Error: Sound file "AELMWNCE.wav" was not found

And for the button sound:

TRACE global [cd4] - Attempt to play sound 136 with file name BUTTON.wav with cache
WARN global [cd4] - Cannot get sound BUTTON.wav chunk: Resource with name SOUNDS/BUTTON and type SOUND wasn't found.
Clean install of VCMI on Windows 10, copy data from GOG complete edition.
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2019-10-22 07:43   
Well this is unusual, probably incorrect installation?
2019-10-22 07:53   
Some original sounds are missing, it is fact. I reported that [^]
2019-10-24 18:32   
Well, not sure how installation could be incorrect. I have the folder with VCMI, I copy the necessary folders from Complete Edition install (Data, Maps, Mp3). And the sounds are there, because on my Android phone it works (on my Android tablet there is actually the same problem). Sounds are included in the H3ab_ahd.snd and Heroes3.snd files. The problem seems to be, sometimes VCMI can't find them. Why? Not sure.