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0003087VCMISound, music, videospublic2019-09-18 16:412019-09-18 16:41
VCMI 0.99 (21-Jul-2019 Build)Windows 7 64bits
0003087: Audio distortion
Sometimes, the game's audio began to get distorted to a point of being a pain to the ear. It generally occurs after a fight (a weird distorted sounds appear after a fight) or while leveling-up (hero & commander), the "level up sound" appears distorted and too high in dB.
A) Launch any fight and listen to the SFx once the battle is finished (when it comes back to the Map).

B) Earning level with any hero.
VCMI 0.99 (21-Jul-2019 Build) + Up-to-date WoG expansion.
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