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0003085VCMIAI - Adventure Mappublic2019-09-12 00:232019-09-13 07:26
0003085: Adding new types of two way monoliths crashes game on ai turn
Looks like ai incorrectly circles through two way monoliths objects.
Place attached mod to mods folder
Start a map with ai
End turn to let ai move
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zip (4,570) 2019-09-12 00:23
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2019-09-12 06:38   
Any chance to have a test map or a save file? I have never used our own map editor but only the standard one.
2019-09-12 06:41   
Random map will be enough.
2019-09-12 07:01   
I am not able to generate it either. It says it can not generate a map which feets requested parameters.
2019-09-12 07:04   
Welcome to the vcmi players' world :p In builded vcmi package only few templates are attached with limited parameters for rmg. You must instal vcmi essential files for mod wiki list - there are dozens rmg templates.
2019-09-12 07:26   
It crashed. So I suggest to attach a map. It will ease things and reduce time needed to fix the bug.
2019-09-12 10:17   
Use any map that comes with hmm3. There is no need to have a map with new monolith at all.
2019-09-13 06:49   
(edited on: 2019-09-13 06:58)
Was able to reproduce it.

2019-09-13 06:55   
Yes, i works on last daily build
2019-09-13 07:26   
MapObjectsEvaluator::MapObjectsEvaluator() from VCAI uses
VLC->objtypeh->getHandlerFor(primaryID, secondaryID)
which returns null for a custom monolith and this causes a failure in VCAI code